Tiada kejayaan tanpa usaha.Keep that in mind =)
“Aku mampu berhujah dengan 10 orang yang berilmu tetapi aku pasti kalah dengan seorang yang jahil, kerana orang yang jahil itu tidak pernah faham landasan ilmu” - Imam Syafie

She's getting married!

My best friend are going to get married. I dont even know how i should feel about this. Joy,happiness,sad and every kind of feelings that i cant even describe with just words. She is the bestest friend a woman could ever ask for and a great listener. To her future husband, there is one thing that i can assure , she will be a great wife to her husband, and a devoted mother to her children. Treasure her well. Take care of her. ❤i love you, bestie. Saranghae!

As a reminder for u and me ;)